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Printezis said “no thanks” to Knicks

By Nikos Varlas/

Giorgos Printezis officially signed his new contract with Euroleague champions Olympiacos for three years and 2,7 million euros, as it was first reported by As it was also reported by Turkish media, he refused to take the 4,5 million dollars for three years offer of Fenerbahce/ Ulker. What is not known, thought, is that the Knicks also made an official offer to the Greek forward, like they have said they would do, after the Euroleague final four.

New York – having already signed James White from Scavolini Pesaro and adding to its roster veteran Argentinian point guard Pablo Prigioni – three days ago offered to Giorgos Printezis a one year contract that would pay him something more than the minimum and asked him to move to the NBA. Printezis was already in advanced negotiations with Olympiacos, the offer of Fener was still on the table and he hadn’t made up his mind. He had the chance to play in the NBA, but he finally denied it and choose to stay at Olympiacos until the summer of 2015.

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  • Manu Manu

    See what in Carlos Delfino and Ilyasova? The fact that they forgot what is like to play in the playoffs? The fact that they don’t know what is like to have the attitude of a champion? The fact that even when they played in Europe they got stuck with a loser complex and failed to win something important? Please…
    Giorgos did the right thing, after all a Gallinari haircut would look worse on him than it did to Danilo. Then again, he can play there after some years, maybe teach Amare some post up moves, or show Melo how to become a champion.

  • Apollo

    Good move. The Knicks are an absolute joke. Their media and fan base made fun of Greece, Greek players, the Greek Basketball League, Greek basketball, etc. for about a full week after the Knicks drafted Kostas Papanikolaou.

    After Printezis saw that, he had no interest in playing in New York, and the rumors are that Papanikolaou feels the same way now.

    No player should play for a fan base and media that acts that way.

  • Greco

    Georgio did the right thing. The NBA is a big chance but not with the Knicks.

  • Rtk

    Damn Euro! You passed up the opportunity to play in NY with Lin, Melo, and J-Kidd for couple bucks. Bad career move.

    See Carlos Defino, Ilysanova

    • dimitris

      You have no idea my friend what is like to play for Olympiakos colours. No idea at all.