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“My dream is to return to the NBA”

By Lefteris Moutis/

Luca Banchi choose on early August as successor of Bo McCalebb and Terell McIntyre the ex- point guard of Oldenburg, who had played only six games in the Euroleague in his career with Prokom. The name of Bobby Brown for sure didn’t make the fans of Montepaschi feel comfortable about the future of the team, but after a while everyone understood that this new version of Siena with Bobby at the helm could be also as successful as the previous ones.

After fourteen games in the Euroleague, Siena’s point guard is on the top of the list in most statistics categories having incredible numbers (21 points, 5,64 assists and 20,2 ranking per game). His last… miracle happened in Piraeus where he scored 22 points (among them the disputed winning basket) and dished 6 assists. “We knew it would tough coming to play in a hostile environment against great players like Spanoulis. Olympiacos is great as team but we came out to win and it was tough” were the first words by Bobby a little after the game.

- Did you expect to have four wins in four games?

“No, I expected to come in every night and try to compete. We competed in four games and came out with the victory. We know we have ten more games and it will be hard”.

- What changed to you and your team?

“We got the rhythm, our chemistry and that was what the team needed. Early on the season it was tough because we are a new team and we had to get together. But after that we had couple of practices and you know when you compete and practice some guys make a step and fight. And that’s what makes our team good”.

- Is it true that Luca Banchi has given you the freedom and after that you have your best season in your career?

“Yes, definitely. He gave me the ball and let me make plays for my teammates and myself. And if you have a coach like that he gives you the freedom and trusts you can’t do anything more than to gratify him and do good things”.

- So, is Banchi the best coach you had in your career?

“Yes, definitely. He gives you the opportunity to play and show your talent”.

But is he so great player as his numbers in this season’s Euroleague show or he is a firework? Only the time will answer to that… He’s 28 years old and his CV wasn’t so brilliant until some months ago. But after such a season he will try to find out a team in the NBA. Some days ago there were some rumors for an interest from NBA teams, but he still keeps himself focused on Siena.

– Do you feel that this season will give you the chance to play in the NBA?

“Yes, there were some rumors, but right now I’m in Siena and I’m trying to do my best for the team. We will see what’s going to happen on the summer when I’ll see my options”.

Brown has played 113 NBA games with Kings, Wolves, Hornets and Clippers, but he never had an important role in an NBA team.

- Do you feel that your dream to come back to the NBA will come true soon?

“Yes, my dream is to come back, to be at home, next to my family. Ι’ll do my best”.

- After all these, will you tell us your secret? What happened to you this season?

“I don’t have a secret. I prepared myself for the season and just work hard on my skills, passing, shooting, everything. I spent a lot of hours in the gym”.

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