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Eurohoops fantasy update for 17th week

By Eurohoops team/

After one week vacation due to the domestic cup weekend, fantasy challenge comes back! The 17th edition of this post was a little tough to write, because only a couple of days ago most of the Top 16 teams were struggling for the first title of the season their domestic cups. The top class players should get better and better from now on. So, if you have a lot of credits (more than 600) you should be careful to pick the “right” expensive players.

Eurohoopsnet team’s most expensive player is Viktor Khryapa but he should leave because he’s doubtful for the game against Panathinaikos. Next to him we will sell Jamon Lucas who faces the best defense in the Top 16. The third choice is hard but we choose to say good bye to Milos Teodosic because of his bad history against Panathinaikos. His games in Piraeus against the “Greens” weren’t that good mostly because of Diamantidis. Something similar happened also last season, when he had a ranking of 9, 0 and 9 in his three games against Panathinaikos. So, we have 180 credits to spend and the obvious picks someone like Krstic (having in mind Khryapa’s injury) or Brown. But it’s better to save some money and also get three really good players.

The first one without any hesitation is Nikola Mirotic (photo). He was in our team before and it’s time for him to come back because he’s the only solid big guy in Madrid. Next to him we will buy Marko Popovic who is always a safe choice and the game against Bamberg is a challenge for him. Also Zoran Planinic is the best next-after-Brown pick in point guards position if you have in mind that Olympiacos will play without its best perimeter defender.

The opponent is always a strong reason to avoid picking a player. Keep in mind for example that Barcelona’s opponents at home have an average ranking around 56(!), CSKA’s opponents in Moscow have ranking around 63 in Top 16 (and they have 103 the same time) and finally that Efes’ opponents have 65,5!

Point Guards

Jordan Farmar 62,7 credits (+1,4)
His Top 16 games are his best during the season. He has 13+ ranking in every game (with only one exception) and he can do it also, against Real.

Zoran Planinic 68,8 credits
Olympiacos’ gap in perimeter defense (without Mantzaris) gives him the chance to continue having great numbers. He’s Khimki’s leader in his best season in his career.

Shooting Guards/Small Forwards

Vassilis Spanoulis 70,9 credits (-0,35)
Olympiacos needs in one more game its leader and the captain can make it again. He’s one of the safest picks in the fantasy challenge.

Pete Mickeal 55,2 credits (-1,5)
Navarro comes back. So what? Mickeal was the MVP in cup final and proved that he keeps his good rhythm even when he plays next to Barca’s captain.

Marko Popovic 54,7 credits
Since the moment Jaaber left Zalgiris, Popovic’ role became more crucial. He faces Bamberg and it’s easy for him to have a great score.

Bojan Bogdanovic 52,5 credits (+4,7)
He’s the second index rating and scorer player in Top 16. He faces one of the worst teams in the Euroleague and the game against Besiktas is one more chance for him to shine.

Power Forwards/Centers

Shawn James 72,15 credits (-2,15)
Eliyahu is doubtful, Thomas left and there is none reliable big guy (Blatt doesn’t trust Caner-Medley and Planinic is average) in Maccabi’s roster. So, James must have good numbers against the best front line in Europe.

Ante Tomic 68 credits (+3,6)
Tomic is member of the “one of the best front lines in Europe”. He had five games in Top 16 so far with 20+ ranking and he’s one of the best choices among the big guys.

Macej Lampe 57 credits (+0,5)
He’s the second rebounder and fifth in index rating in the Top 16. He will be more responsible in the offense after Oleson’s departure and it’s expected to continue having good numbers.

Nikola Mirotic 56,2 credits
Efes defense near the basket isn’t so strong and… quick to stop the Montenegrin. He had some average scores in his last Top 16 games but in his domestic games was very good, so there aren’t worries.

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  • Greg

    It seems that Teodosic CAN have a proper game against Panathinaikos.