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Ηappy Birthday Eurohoops!

By Eurohoops team/

It’s the sweetest birthday ever, since it makes us feel young. We have just one year of online life! Eurohoops appeared online for the first time in the 3rd of March 2012 and today it completes a full “season” of action!

It’s the child of five professional journalists, Nikos Varlas, Rigas, Dardalis, Lefteris Moutis, Niki Bakouli and Aris Barkas. Their home is Greece, all of them have traveled all over the globe in order to cover the Euroleague, European domestic leagues, FIBA championships and even big NBA events, like the finals or the all star games.

Greece is on the epicenter of a great crisis, both financial and moral, but that doesn’t seem to apply to basketball. The two Greek powerhouses have won the Euroleague 8 times the last 16 years (Panathinaikos is a 6 time winner and Olympiacos a 2 time winner) and the last two years with the crisis being in full swing, Greece is still country of Euroleague champions, with Panathinaikos prevailing in Barcelona at 2011 and Olympiacos winning last season in Istanbul.

Eurohoops, however, was created in order to travel all over European and even world basketball. For us basketball is one, its the most beautiful game in the world and it has one language. Our witnesses is every fan of the sport that loves it not just a hobby or a profession, but as a way of life.

In journalistic level, we appreciate the acceptance of media in Europe and in the USA in this first year and we thank them. We introduced ourselves with many interesting – we hope – interviews, important exclusives and news from the European elite. With ideas, articles and stories that are backing up a project named “Eurohoops” and create new roads and new perspectives for the future.

European basketball and specially Euroleague deserve better as a product and we hope for a future in which basketball in Europe will have its deserved high place in the old continent. We are are hoping to cover this explosion as the sport explodes also in global level under our spectrum. With passion, love for the game and new ideas. One year is very little time in order to do and achieve everything we have planned.

However, the time we hope to have in our future should be enough in order to get to our goal. We are hoping to provide our little share of help to European basketball, to this “sleeping giant” who is not in the place it should be. We are not in a hurry. After all, basketball for Eurohoops is a way of every day life, a second really important family.

So you want to make us a present?

Embrace this family and support it! Give us motive to be better, to evolve, to continue to strive in an environment with many difficulties. Start with giving us your birthday wishes…Basketball lingo is international and we will understand you. For a start, see the birthday wishes from French star Nicolas Batum of Portland Trail Blazers and Anadolu Efes’ star Jordan Farmar.

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  • Vince

    Great work guys! Happy Birthday wishes from Indiana!

  • Flash

    Happy Birthday!

    Keep up the great work!

  • RT

    Good work guys. This is already one of the absolute best European basketball websites in the world.