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Sam Presti in Athens for Adetokunbo

By Nikos Varlas/

The games of the Athenian U18 league are proving to be quite popular among NBA scouts and even higher ranking team officials. Of course, the reason behind that is Giannis Adetokunbo and on Tuesday night the game of the U18 team of Filathlitikos against the one of Amyntas is going to be held in front of a select audience.

NBA scouts from the Nets, the Blazers and the Clippers will be present, but the most prominent figure in the stands will be Oklahoma City’s general manager, Sam Presti (photo), who is touring Europe this week and after his stops in France for Gobert and Jaiteh and in Serbia for the game between Crvena Zvezda and Dario Saric’s Cibona, he arrived in Greece.


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  • ronald mitchell

    This guy is not ready for the NBA. He plays no team ball all he does is get the ball and forgets basketball is a team sport. This video tells you nothing about his defense or his overall game. Guys can’t just drive in the paint and score at will. He does this because he’s playing against scrubs. In the NBA he will be going up against Real Pro’s.

    • Ryan

      He is 18 years old, 6’9″ tall (grew 3 inches in last 10 months), has a 7’3″ wingspan and grips a basketball like a grapefruit, he is playing mediocre level opponents, yes, but considering how late he entered into the sport, he could develop into something far greater than he already is, They aren’t drafting him because he’s nba ready, they don’t need NBA ready, they are drafting him for potential/upside

  • AP

    Why do these NBA teams show no interest at all in his brother Thanasis? His brother is probably the better player.

    NBA teams are so strange.

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