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“It’s a non issue”

By Rigas Dardalis/

As the “boss” of an NBA team doesn’t hesitate to make bald decisions and as an individual is not afraid to express his opinion. David Kahn was in Athens to watch Giannis Adetokunbo, but the day of his visit was not allowed (under NBA rules) to talk about the Greek guard. On the other side, though, he didn’t have a problem to speak his mind over the “hot” issue of this week in the other side of the ocean: Jason Collins’ (photo) announcement that he is gay.

“It’s a non issue” was the initial comment of Wolves’ GM, whom we asked if now after the disclosure of the 34 year old center’s sexual identity, he would think twice to offer him a contract. “Νo I would not. Look, I have a 21year old daughter and her generation doesn’t get affected by these issues. World is a place that happily accepts these issues of sexuality. Overtime it will be less and less discussed”.

-But do you think that this disclosure may create a negative aura in the locker room of the team, that will sign Collins;

“No I don’t”.

- So it was a disclosure that will have a positive effect;

“Sure, it was a good thing. Again I want to say that for the new generation, this is something that doesn’t have an effect”.

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