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“I have the talent to be better than Rudy”

By Rigas Dardalis/

He is the best talent of the new generation of Spanish basketball. This is why Barcelona rushed to take him from Malaga last season, and this is why Javi Pascual has been showing him faith, during this crucial period of the season. As it seems Alex Abrines does not only possess the ability, but also the necessary confidence to become a great player. “I got the talent to be better than Rudy”, he told to Εurohoops a few hours before facing him at the 2nd semifinal of final-4 in London. Don’t take him wrong though. He was not arrogant, or cocky. He was just naturally confident.

“Yes they’ve been comparing me and Rudy and yes we are players that can shoot and play without the ball. I know that Rudy is better than me right now…”

-But you feel that can become better than Rudy one day;

“Yeah, I know I have to do hard work, but I think I got the talent to be better than Rudy”.

-Are you satisfied from your first season in Barcelona;

“Yes I’m satisfied. First months were difficult, cause I didn’t play so much, but I gained confidence these last 2 months, Javi Pascual gave me some minutes and I feel very happy”.

-You know that lots of NBA scouts are gonna be watching you in London. Does that give you an extra motive to play well, or puts more pressure to you;

“No no, there is no extra motivation, I’m really motivated to play, it’s my first final-4 and I think it’s a big think to live. That’s it. If you put some pressure, you will play bad”.

-Is the NBA in the back side of your mind;

“No, not now. I’m just thinking the final-4 and then I’ll think about the playoffs”.

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