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“He is the king of Europe”

By Rigas Dardalis/

Basketball is a global game and even in the NBA finals you can talk about Euroleague and it’s “king”, Vasilis Spanoulis. After all, that’s how Shane Battier called him, speaking in OTE TV’s camera for the show “Pick and Roll”, presented by Vasilis Skoudis: “Well, my good friend Spanoulis. Hello out there, congratulations for everything. He is the man. He should run for office in Greece. He is absolutely very popular right now. He can play in the NBA if he wants to, but I think he is the king of Europe right now, so I don’t know if he wants to leave”.

The question is simple for Spanoulis – why he didn’t make it in the NBA – and the answer of Battier is expected: “I think he was in a tough position. It’s not easy for a young player and Vasilis was young, when he came over, but there is no doubt. We all knew he was a great player, it was just a bad situation for him”.

As for his message to his Greek friend? “Vasilis, my good friend, my very, very good friend, I will come to visit you in Greece, we are going to go to Crete, to Mykonos and Santorini and we are going to have a good time. I want your finest ouzo!”

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