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Calathes wants out, Greens want him

By Niki Bakouli/

Panathinaikos wants to lure back in Athens Nick Calathes, who is currently on vacations in the States and in theory that can’t be done. The Greek-American player has a contract for one more year with Lokomotiv Kuban that includes only a buy out for the NBA. That’s why he had some work outs in Dallas, but the Mavericks prefered Gal Mekel and now Kuban is offering him an extension.

The situation is even more complicated. According to Greek sources, Calathes doesn’t want to stay in Russia, specially after the birth of his first child. He would prefer a return to the States, or else his prefered residence would be Greece. The same sources insist that Lokomotiv knows his intentions, however, as it’s obvious, the Russian team wants to keep him.

So the question now is how much money is Panathinaikos willing to spend in order to get the player. If the Greens can provide him with a contract similar to the proposed extension and also find the way to get him released by Lokomotiv, then Calathes’ wish willl be fulffiled.

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