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“I want to earn respect”

By Niki Bakouli/

Eurobasket 2013 ended for Serbia with the team getting the ticket to FIBA World Cup, however what’s still unclear is if coach Dusan Ivkovic would like to remain in his bench. He said that after 48 hours he will be ready to say more, however he has the vote of his players and Nemanja Nedovic couldn’t say anything else but he respects him.

The explosive Serbian guard dedicated the win over Italy to Duda: “He wants the best for us, he is a great teacher, great coach and this win is for him. He was always supportive, so…”

As for himself, he is ready for his rookie season in the NBA with the Golden State Warriors: “First I am looking forward to see my family, to go home a little bit, to finish the paperwork, visa and everything. I am pretty excited about San Francisco and Oakland, about meeting the new guys and I think that I will fit right away”.

Nedovic had a great tournament, a big game against Tony Parker and he feels that he can make also a splash in the NBA with the Warriors: “They told me that they didn’t draft me for nothing. They will give me a chance, but I don’t expect nothing to be given to me. I want to earn everything. I want to earn my minutes. I want to earn the respect and everything is going to be ok”.

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  • fantom

    I look forwar dot his arrival. People compare him to Sarunas Marciolonis and if he is anywhere near that good, he will fill in the missing space needed by the Warriors as a unique shooting guard — mostly replacing Curry and playing alongside Iguadala as two 1-2 guards, and at that point the Warriors will be very strong. Looking forward to it. Thwe Warriors need his slashing and court vision.

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