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“It’s time for Wade to pass the torch”

By Rigas Dardalis/

It’s a joy to watch him play and one word from Peja Stojakovic to OTE TV is enough to understand why. “Durant is a special player not only for today’s standards but of all time”. So his amazing abilities are globally celebrated, but not also his calm demeanor. A lot of people think that he should have a more aggressive approach outside the court and he made the first step in this direction with his feud with Dwayne Wade. While he was in Istanbul for the game against Fenerbahce, Kevin Durant gave an interview to journalists Vasilis Skountis and Rigas Dardalis of “Pick N Roll” basketball show of OTE TV in Greece and didn’t back off.

“No matter what, I will be myself. I am still out there to play my game. I am always motivated, so there is no extra motivation, I am always highly motivated to play and compete. But I stand by what I say. A lot of people disagree with me, but it is what it is. It’s nothing against D-Wade, he is a great player, he set his mark in the league, he is one of the best shooting guards ever, but like I said, I just thought, that as an older guy, it’s time to pass the torch to the younger guys. Just like somebody did to him, just like somebody did to me and I will have to do the same later on. So I just thought it was his time”.

KD also had fond memories of his time in Athens, back in 2010 for the preparation game of Team USA against National team of Greece. “Yes Athens is one of my favourite cities. Even though I was just for one day there, Ι hope I get a chance to go there soon. It’s a great city and everybody loves basketball there”.

-Last year you met a Greek player in Texas…

“Yes (Ioanis) Papapetrou. Now I think he plays professionally. I wish him luck, he did his part for the university of Texas and he will always be part of the program”.

-Can he play in the NBA;

“Yes, but only time can tell. Everybody need time to grow and he is a young player who was a freshman in college and now will play professionally for the first time. He will need some time, like everybody else. I’m sure that if he works hard, he’ll get there”.

-Will it be difficult for you without Westbrook in the beginning of the season;

“It would be difficult for anyone, missing one of their main players. He is one of the best point guards of the league, he is an All-star it would be difficult for anyone. But we’ve got to step up and not make excuses.

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