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Caloiaro emerging in Germany

By Lefteris Moutis/

“On your way to the summit, you must be humble and go step by step, because otherwise you will not aprreciate it much”. Angelo Caloiaro is on the way to become one of the top players in the German league and to be member of the elite in the European basketball. The 24-year old American forward plays in Mitteldeutscher and has the best ranking in the probably second league in the continent. His first reward is the participation in the BEKO-BBL All Star Game. “I was honoured and I am pretty excited to have such an amazing opportunity. Any all-star event is something to be proud of and I am even more blessed to be participating with such a talented group”, says about it.

He’s among the best foreign players in the German League and it’s not by accident. He has the best ranking in the league with 15,1 points, 7,5 rebounds, 2,4 assists and 1,2 steals per game. “It’s really tough especially in a league like this where nothing comes easy”, says about it and starts to narrate his lifestory, which is connetected with sports.

Angelo’s brother, Vinny, plays soccer and sister Joan plays volleyball. Apart from them, there are many athletes in the family like cousin Kerri Walsh, gold winner in Olympics in beach volleyball, cousin Marcia Wallis, former Boston Breakers (WUSA) soccer forward, cousin Brian Barnard, a former U.S.A. national rugby team right wing, and, mom, Maureen, who is counted among the all-time top women’s basketball players at Pepperdine University.

- You come from a sports family. Is it like a destiny, a tradition or the lightened railway that leads the family story?

“My family really does love sports. As a child I grew up in a competitive environment and thats all I really knew. I would go to all my cousins games whether it was soccer, volleyball, baseball, football, or basketball and I loved it. And they all played at a high level. My mom is probably one of the best Athletes in our family though. She played basketball at Pepperdine University and is the all time leading scorer there and is in the hall of fame!”

- Your participation in the German League All star game is the biggest reward so far for you?

“I’d say it is a pretty big honor being that the BBL is one of the best leagues in Europe and has some of the best players as well!”

- You have said during your college years that you wanted to play in Europe and then become a coach. Is that the reason that coach Poropat said that you have “game intelligence above than the average”?

“I definitely want to coach after I’m done playing. And yeah Ι have a good feeling for the game because i have been around it for so long. I just love the game of basketball so I’m always watching games and learning new things”.

- You have great numbers in most of the categories and can play in many positions. Which is your best? What would you say to promote yourself?

“I am playing the 4 position right now and I have also played some 3 in the past. I really don’t mind either position to be honest. I pride myself on being able to do a lot of different things on the court whether it is passing, scoring, or rebounding”.

- Do you think that the European basketball suits you more? Who is your favorite player?

“I don’t really know to be honest. I just try to fit in any system that I get to play. My favorite player is probably Kobe Bryant because i love his competitiveness on the court and can relate to it. He will do anything to win!!”

- What did you have in mind when you signed with Rilski last February? All this period until then was hard?

“I was really happy to have an opportunity and excited to get out on the court again to prove myself as a professional. Τhe time leading up to signing with Rilski was pretty tough because i knew i was good enough i just needed an opportunity to show it and Thanks to my agent we found a great situation in Bulgaria”.

- How different is the life in Germany, in Bulgaria and back in US?

“All three are very different, nothing is ever quite like home but I have learned a lot about my self living in both Bulgaria and Germany. Seeing the world has been great and I have been very lucky to experience not only these great countries but the amazing fans that support me”.

- You next game is against Bayern, a great club which has already two wins in th Euroleague Top 16. Are you waiting for it?

“Bayern is a really good club and every player on their team is extremely talented. It is always fun playing against a high level top team to see where I match up. I am excited and looking forward to it”.

- What’s your next dream? A transfer to a bigger team in German, to a Euroleague team?

“To be honest I don’t think about it all that much. I try to stay concentrated during season and devote all my attention to the team I am on. Following the season I will work with my agent to figure out my future”.

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