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Arteaga reveals a bribary effort

By Aris Barkas/

Juan Carlos Arteaga, one of the most known and respected European referees, dropped a bomb with an interview in the Spanish newspaper “Marca“. As he said: “Somebody tried to bribe me before officiating an European Final. I refused. But it’s certain that not everybody does”.

In his career Arteaga has officiated in three European finals in senior level. Those are the Euroleague finals of 2002 between Panathinaikos and Kinder Bologna and of 2009 between Panathinaikos and CSKA Moscow. Also he was one of the three referees in the Eurobasket 2013 final between France and Lithuania.

UPDATE: reached Euroleague’s director of referees and he denied any knowledge of the case: “As I can understand by reading the interview, he wasn’t speaking about Euroleague or any other European competition. He probably means a final is some other continent”.

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  • bsk

    Arteaga final´s:

    Euroleague 08-09 Panathinaikos-CSKA
    Euroleague 01-02 Panathinaikos-Kinder

  • ObraKadabra

    One of the worst referees of all times for European Basketball ! I do not know how he sleeps at night ?

  • Pavlos

    And you can guarantee that if it did come out that it was true and had anything to do with Panathinaikos, this site would never ever mention it again…EVER.

    • admin

      Since you never get tired changing names, then you should also try to mask you IP. Also DO seek professional help.

      Eurohoops team

      • Ahmed

        He didnt say anything wrong.
        If you are a neutral site you should allow these comments.
        Your replies and comment deletes are suspicious.
        It is good that you are the only ones to give publicity to this issue.
        So let everyone to commend since he respects the rules and doesnt insult anyone.
        Thank you

        • admin

          That’s why we published the comment. However we are insulted when it is stated that we are biased and we are entitled to an answer, or even to a ban.

          Eurohoops team

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