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Joey Dorsey leaving for the Rockets

By Nikos Varlas/

According to reports from Spain, Barcelona was on the look for a possible replacement of Joey Dorsey and as Eurohoops sources confirmed the Spanish champions will probably need a new center, because the former NBAer returns to the States.

After three seasons in Europe during which he won the Euroleague and the Greek league as a member of Olympiacos and recently the Spanish Liga Endesa as a player of Barcelona, Dorsey is near a two years deal with the Houston Rockets which will give him the chance to play again in the NBA, from which he left as a free agent during the lock out.

As for his replacement in the roster of the Catalans, he may be Lucas Nogueira of Estudiantes, as reported by “El Mundo Deportivo“.

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  • Jack

    I think from now on Euroleague fans should start calling Euroleague players “Euroleagers”. Since some how this term “NBAers” seems like it’s supposed to imply some kind of imagines greatness or dominance or extra significance to the players in the NBA.

    Like Dorse was merely nothing but Joey Dorsey to this site before, but now all of a sudden he is the “NBAer”.

    I think the next player that signs a Euroleague contract should be designated “Euroleaguer”. Since for some reason NBA players get their own special designation…..

    • Frankie

      Smart thinking buddy, nice coinage, I will use it!