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“NBA is so far right now”

By Milun Nesovic/

This summer was special for Bogdan Bogdanovic. He was drafted by the Phoenix Suns, signed with Fenerbahce/ Ulker and now he is ready for the FIBA World Cup as one of the young stars of Serbia. Before that, he speaks to Eurohoops.

Recently his coach, Sasha Djordjevic said that he expects the best from him and Bogdan is ready to give it: “Of course he does”, he said smiling and explained: “I think that this development of events in my career is what I imagined and wanted. Since I’m the youngest in our national team I don’t think we are that young. I believe that we have enough experience. For some players this will be the first time in national team, but with the core players from the last year, despite the fact that we miss Nedovic a lot, I think we can have a good result in Spain”.

And that’s his focus now, not his future with Fenerbahce/ Ulker as he admitted: “I’m still not in Fenerbahce. My focus is on national team and that is all I think about right now. It will be the same when I go to Fenerbahce, that will be the only thing I will think about. I want to make history with my new club as I did in Partizan. Will it be Euroleague, or some other success, we will see. Now, I’m with the national team and that is where my focus is. Ask me about Fenerbahce when I go there and start thinking about that”.

But, of course, he had to speak about his future coach Zeljko Obradovic: “Zeljko is on of the main reasons why I went to Fenerbahce. I know what kind of players he likes and I think I could fit in his system. Obradovic is loyal, experienced and nervous”.

Croatian Bojan Bogdanovic left Fenerbahce/ Ulker for the NBA. Can this be the future of Bogdan also, like most of the Euroleague rising star award winners? “To tell you the truth for me that is only statistics, numbers. I hope I will not ruin that statistic and continue in the same path with the previous rising stars. But the NBA is so far right now”.

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