ACB League fined by the National Commission of Markets and Competition

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12/Apr/17 21:05

The unfriendly tactics of ACB league to clubs that are trying to make the big jump come with a price.

By Eurohoops team /

The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has imposed a fine of 400,000 euros on ACB league clubs for alleged imposing of disproportionate and discriminatory economic conditions for the promotion of other clubs to the league, as mentioned on Mundo Deportivo.

The CNMC explained on Wednesday in a statement that it believes that the ACB, through a series of agreements adopted since 1991, imposed disproportionate, inequitable and discriminatory economic and administrative conditions on basketball clubs that have the right to ascend from the LEB to the ACB League for sporting merit, but have not been previously members of the association.

The establishment of an entry fee and a Promotion and Relegation Fund (FRAD), according to the CNMC, have prevented the promotion of several clubs to the ACB League and have distorted the ability to compete from other newly promoted clubs.