Larkin: EuroLeague champion shouldn’t be decided by who has the ability to train

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23/May/20 12:26

Shane Larkin expressed his opinion about the current situation and why he believes the 2019-20 EuroLeague season shouldn’t resume

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EuroLeague will have a meeting with the players today (May 23) while the final call on the 2019-20 season will be made in two days.

Shane Larkin expressed his stand on the matter with a statement via Instagram noting among other things that the players aren’t ready physically nor mentally and that the competition would be unfair after such a long break.

“Firstly, it is no secret that since postponing the season players haven’t had the ability to remain in top level shape. On top of the risk factor of possibly contracting the virus, the possibility of injuries are extremely high. This isn’t a typical off season break where players can continue to work on improving their physicality. For the last two months a large majority of players haven’t been able to stay in shape. Mentally and physically it isn’t an ideal situation to be thrown back into an intense and competitive atmosphere without having the time or resources to prepare themselves.

Secondly, EuroLeague is known to be one of the best basketball leagues in the world with top talents from all over. Every team deserves and equal opportunity to win the EuroLeague but because of this pandemic many teams and players don’t have the chance to be as prepared as others. I don’t think the EuroLeague champions should be decided by who has the ability to train and who doesn’t. It should be decided by who worked hard all year long with their coaches, teammates, and training staffs to put the best team out there on the floor each and every night. This long break clearly creates an unfair advantage to some players and teams.”

He also added that there are multiple reasons why he would want to continue the season with Efes having a great year and being the favorite but health must come first. He emphasized that a large majority of players feel the same way as he does but also that if a decision is made to continue, he will respect it and play as a professional.



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