Rudy Gobert: I just scratched the surface of what I can do

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Stefan Djordjevic

25/Sep/18 14:36

Rudy Gobert accompanied Donovan Mitchell for the media day and they’ve both agreed the best is yet to come for the Utah Jazz.

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The 26-year-old ‘Big man’ Rudy Gobert has been with the Jazz for a couple of years improving gradually along with the team and believes they have a lot more to show. But his first wish would be to stay healthy throughout the year: “First of all be happy. Also, to be with my teammates for a full season. Even though there are some injuries you can’t control, I think being strong for the whole year would be a big fortune. And just keep getting better. I think I just scratched the surface of the things I can do on both ends and I feel like this year will be my best so far, and as a team, we are going to be better than ever.”, Gobert noted during the Jazz media day.

Despite winning the 2018 Defensive Player of the Year award, Gobert still looks for ways to improve his defensive skills and mindset, such as guarding players better outside the paint and believes he won’t have any trouble in that segment: “It’s about the mindset more than everything. Of course, you have to be quick you have to move your feet and all that. I think I got quicker. It also puts more pressure on me, I’ve gotta be smarter and pick my spots, not just take the paint. It’s just a little challenge but the three-point shot will never be as efficient as a dunk or layup so you have to pick your poison and I can guard both. It’s not a big issue.”

“He won the Defensive Player of the Year, remember that. Remember that.”, Donovan Mitchell, who talked to the media alongside Gobert, took the opportunity to bring out some laughs.

Gobert has also likes to reserve some time for none basketball activities whenever he can. One of the things he enjoys is boxing: “I always loved to do different things, not just basketball and boxing is one of the things I love to do. One of the things to get away from the court and learn different stuff.”

“He’s training to fight somebody but he won’t tell you all that though.”, Donovan intervened once again.


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