The most productive EuroLeague players!

08/Feb/18 17:15 February 8, 2018

John Rammas

08/Feb/18 17:15

Points are no longer considered the only valid statistic in the basketball world. You need to look at various other statistics as well. Eurohoops did so and uncovered the most productive players – not those who have scored the most points – in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague!

By Utkan Şahin, Translation: M. Bahadır Akgün /

Once upon a time, stats were not kept properly in the game of basketball and one could decide which player performed best according to the points they had scored. The world has changed a lot. A player can have an impact in many different ways, which can be seen thanks to various statistical evaluations.

However, for a team to win, the most important thing still is simply to produce points. Yet, there are different ways to create and produce. One can contribute to the team’s scoring through assists as well. And those assists can help you understand how many points a player helped produce for the team.

That’s exactly what Eurohoops did! We tried to find out which players had the biggest impact through assists and points, and analyzed accordingly all the games that have been played so far in the EuroLeague.

So, here we are: the most productive EuroLeague players! Before we get going, we must state that Nando De Colo and Jordan Theodore, both of whom were responsible for 29.1% of their teams’ points, didn’t make the list because of a tiebreaker.