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Unicaja’s powerful front line

By Lefteris Moutis /

Malaga is ready to create one of the strongest front lines in Liga Endesa. Jasmin Repesa believes that building the team on the big guys, Unicaja can go far. So, during the last days spent 1.500.000 euros in total and agreed terms with three players, which two of them play under the basket.

The most important move is the deal with James Gist, for whom has mentioned that Malaga was interested to sign him from Fenerbahce. The Spaniards gave him 650.000 euros and Turkish paid the rest money to cover the amount of one million euros and then released him.

Kosta Perovic will be the player who will cover the front line with Gist, Vazquez, Zoric, Lima and Kuzmic (even if probably he will be loaned) earning about 600.000 euros per season. The Serbian center left after two years Barcelona and will play in Unicaja after two years… delay. In summer of 2010, he had agreed with Unicaja, but the transfer canceled due to Aito Reneses’ disagreement and Barcelona’s involvement in the case.

Finally, Malaga agreed also with guard Zoran Dragic, Goran’s brother for a two year contract. All of them will be announced officially on Thursday by Unicaja.

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  • Dogus

    I have so much respect for Repesa esp.due to the days he spent with tofas bursa in early 2000’s but he must have lost his mind signing james gist. Just thinking of the fact that fb ulker has agreed to pay 350.000€ to get rid of him. He might be the worst player I have seen in fb roster in the millenium.he has no understanding of the game at all. 15 year old european forward could easily teach him about the game.he might have other worldly athletic abilities but he has no understanding of positioning or spacing or anything about the game what so ever.He would be a great addition to harlem globe trotters or to any street team in bronx NY but he is not euroleague or euro cup level in any way.I feel for the malaga fans already bcs they will be banging their heads to walls all season.