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Farmar works out with Efes’ blessings

By Aris Barkas/

Jordan Farmar still has a contract for two more years with Anadolu Efes, but that doesn’t mean that he will not return immediately to the NBA if he finds the right situation. His name was linked to the Lakers – the same happened with former Laker and free agent teammate in Anadolu Efes, Sasha Vujacic – but they are not the only team interested on him.

According to his camp, Farmar had some work outs the last few days with NBA teams, after securing a permit to do so from Anadolu Efes. Sources from Turkey also confirmed this permission as Jordan Farmar has an NBA out clause for every offseason of his contract.

The buy out in his contract is the sum permitted by the NBA CBA (500.000 dollars), however it seems that under current circumstances and with Efes trying to reduce its budget – local stars are already leaving the team – if Farmar chose to return to the NBA, the Turkish club will be ready to let him go.

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