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Olympiacos for Gelabale

Olympiacos for Gelabale

By Lefteris Moutis/ moutis@eurohooops.net

As Eurohoops reported on Thursday not only Cartier Martin was the front runner for the empty small forward spot in Olympiacos’ roster, but the negotiations were more than advanced. One day latter, it seems that the two time Euroleague champions changed their mind – and probably some fans’ reactions played their part in this decision – and are now focusing on a player who also played last season in the NBA, however he has a lot more European experience.

Free agent Mickael Gelabale seems to be now their prime target. Probably that’s why as “Gigantes” reported the player declined the offer of Valencia. The French forward would like to stay in the NBA, but returning to Europe for the Euroleague champions is not such a bad alternative. That been said, until Saturday morning Gelabale didn’t have an official offer from Olympiacos and he was very close to signing a contract in Russia.


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