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Greece hopes, but can’t pay

Greece hopes, but can’t pay

By Aris Barkas/ barkas@eurohoops.net

Greece was considered from the start one of the front runners to get one of the wildcards for the upcoming FIBA World Cup, Greek federation’s president Giorgos Vasilakopoulos on many occasions repeated that “based on sports criteria, we deserve it”, however despite being “cautiously optimistic” the Greek side doesn’t considered yet that a wildcard is “locked” for the country. On the contrary, there are still many doubts about the final decision of FIBA on the first weekend of February, specially if money proves to be a big factor.

Despite the reports from Italy about the Greek federation already giving more than 1 million euros to FIBA in order to secure the wildcard, the situation is quite different. At this point the Greek federation has almost secured the 500.000 USD needed as a guarantee for the wildcard. Despite a sponsorship deal with one of the biggest banks in Greece, Eurobank, the federation, like all Greek sports federation, is almost absolutely depended on government funding in order to function. Due to the financial situation in Greece, a part from the 2013 funding is not given yet and a total of 2,5 million euros is expected to be given for 2014. That’s 50% less than last year and almost 80% less than three years ago.

Still 2,5 million seems like a lot of money, but it isn’t, considering the operating expenses of the federation and also the fact that Greece will organize this summer the U20 European championship for men. However the organization of this competition is one of the weapons which are used in the FIBA World Cup wildcard hunt, as also is Greece’s FIBA Ranking (the best for a team that hasn’t secured a place in the World Cup), basketball tradition and also the fact that never in the past the team needed a wild card. Add to that the already signed television contract for the World Cup coverage in Greece and you have the total picture.

Οnly the wildcards of Brazil and China are considered a lock because of their vast markets, and despite the fact that even Italian federation president Giovanni Petrucci said that the Italian hopes are really small, Russia, Turkey, Italy and Canada are considered as competition for two open spots.

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  1. Ws Thursday - 30 / 01 / 2014 Reply
    Don't be suprised when Canada is named. They have the next most NBA players after the U.S. and France (will be #2 next year). Most of these players are young and up in coming. Think Argentina in the late 90's - a Golden Generation of sorts. The following are all 18-25: Tristan Thompson Andrew Nicholson Rob Sacre Kelly Olynyk Cory Joseph Anthony Bennett Andrew Wiggins Tyler Ennis Kris Jospeh Olivier Hanlan Nik Staukas Trey Lyles and I am just getting warmed up here. Mix in some FIBA vets and you have a Top 10 team from a very wealthy country.
  2. Michael Thursday - 23 / 01 / 2014 Reply
    lol at Canada...................... Get REAL
  3. Vince Thursday - 23 / 01 / 2014 Reply
    I hope Italia gets one of the spots, but I doubt they will.
  4. Greco Thursday - 23 / 01 / 2014 Reply
    true words
  5. Ioannis Wednesday - 22 / 01 / 2014 Reply
    I hope Greece will get one of those wildcards and also manages to bring along players like Antetokoumbo, Koufo, Kalathes, Spanoulis, Mpramos, Mpouroussis, Vougioukas, Schortsianitis, Mantzaris, Perperoglou, Printezis. Most likely I would like to see Diamantidis attempting a last time for the greek national squad, but this might only be a dream.
    • Michael Thursday - 23 / 01 / 2014 Reply
      Diamantidis? Diamantidis? Diamantidis? The guy has refused to play since he 30 years old. He has openly stated in the media that laying on the beach, spending time with his wife, and fishing are more important than being bothered by the national team and that he will never ever play for it. Numerous coaches have said he refused to even return phone calls.

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