Fuenlabrada president: Estudiantes said to Nogueira that we are a “shitty club”

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Former Toronto big man Lucas Nogueira signed with Fuenlabrada, despite Estudiantes’ protest he was registered with the team and the club’s president Jose Quintana was not kind when speaking about the rival club.

As he said to “ Diario As”: “There is a conversation between Estudiantes and the player in which he is asked why he is going to sign with Fuenlabrada. They told him that we are a shitty club. We can’t be offended in that way. Later they threatened the player by telling him that he can’t sign, that they can impound his bank accounts because they have a signed document by which his rights belong to them. Also, it’s been said that Estudiantes has matched and even improved our economic proposal, and that’s not true, the player doesn’t have any offer from Estudiantes”.

According to Fuenlabrada, an expert hired by the club has said that the signature on the document about Nogueira’s rights does not belong to the player.

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