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Erden announced, Vesely coming next

By Nikos Varlas/

Since the middle of July both Jan Vesely and Semih Erden were in advanced negotiations with Fenerbahce/ Ulker. Those talks are about to come to an end, or to be more exact – according to Eurohoops sources – they have already ended and there’s a deal.

Both players have accepted the terms of the club, they have been medically examined and now it’s up to Fenerbahce to typically complete and announce the transfers. The announcement for Vesely is expected to precede the one for Erden, because the team is waiting for the detailed medical test results of the Turkish center in order to be absolutely sure about his good condition.

UPDATE: Just hours after our post, Fenerbahce/ Ulker surprised us by the order, as the deal with Semih Erden is officially announced.

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  • Jayson

    @el2015 I don’t think so, Fenerbahçe ülker won’t win the Euroleague.

    • Turko

      He said Fenerbahce would make final four not win the euroleague.

    • Hasan

      Sorry but nobody knows that right now.. Who would have said that Maccabi will be the champion?

  • el2015

    l think in this year Fenerbahçe ülker will be in final four with Obradovic.They have talented players.Bogdan Bogdanovich ricky hickman goudelock vesely and another players.

  • Zocc

    Exciting transfers