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Tremmell Darden signed with Olympiacos

By Lefteris Moutis/

Olympiacos got a boost in its roster by signing Tremmell Darden. The Reds moved silently and got the deal with the former Real Madrid player under the radar of almost every one. Darden signed a two years contract, but according to the usual practice of the Reds it also includes an opt out clause.

Darden is a sign of change on the plans of the team, as he is expected to be the starting small forward of the team, or share the minutes with Matt Lojeski. The Reds have already 7 foreigners and Cedric Simmons is expected to be released or play only in Euroleague.

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  • duntimo

    This is yet another sample of impecable and sureal plannig: After 2 weeks of comprehensive scouting in Las Vegas Summer League for a good combo guard to replace Law (and a monthly long Odyssey among Euroleague free agents prior to that), the Olympiacos Head Coach finally signs a powerfoward… Amazing story… And what a move to cach everyone “by surprise”… I strongly suspect that at the next press conference we will find out that there was not enough time to find a suitable player to replace Law…

    • duntimo

      Correction: I meant to say small forward…

    • Jack

      Euroleague fans are so strange with their NBA overrating obsession. The average player in the NBA summer league isn’t even good enough to make the roster of an top 16 Eurocup club. The best players in NBA summer league can’t even play in the rotation of good Euroleague teams. NBA summer league is a joke.

      Yet you see Greek fans claiming Antetokounmpo the second coming based on play there……….get real. It’s lower than NBA D-League and NBA D-League is lower than mid level national leagues in Europe.

      • duntimo

        Prioritizing and categorizing is as ambiguous as the next person’s self outlined standards… This is particularly applicable if one sets to compare apples with oranges and oranges with watermelons… Which of course one can do… Only they are different entities… In layman’s terms in the above argument there is a f(Law) many common folk do… They forget themselves and compare (I did not do that) NBA training camps (yes the Las Vegas Summer League is the first class training camp of the world), with Development leagues (such is the NBA – D league), with national Leagues in Europe, or even the Euroleague, the Eurocup, the Eurochallenge, the Baltic league and what have you… Of course the latter are quite competitive within the limited scope of the national or European borders, and interesting regional conflicts… And cannot be compared (as done above) to a training camp, even if it is the best training camp in the world… So Jack, there is more than one Joke here I am afraid…

  • Varlas Nikos

    Λάθος έγινε και διορθώθηκε άμεσα. Σόρρυ.