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Three months banishment

By Niki Bakouli/

The Sports Judge οf ESAKE announced the banishment of owner Dimitris Giannakopoulos from entering the gyms in Panathinaikos’ games for the next 3 months (counting from today), because of all that was written in the score sheet report about him threatening the refs of Greek finals’ Game 2.

Panathinaikos’s owner will also pay 22.000 euros, as a fine, since “he violated provisions of the disciplinary regulations. For the same reason, he is prohibited of entering to the courts, where his team is playing, for 3 months”.

After few minutes, Giannakopoulos’ issued a press release, where he is writing the followings:
“After the new hit, under the belt as usual, against me and against our PANATHINAIKOS, I want to clarify the following: PANATHINAIKOS doesn’t give up, does not keep its head down and doesn’t comport with the system. PANATHINAIKOS is ready to get the title on the road. But I cannot overcome and I cannot ignore the different way the state is treating PANATHINAIKOS, which is exactly the opposite from the one the state treats Olympiakos, in all sports. Our fines are always unfair and extreme punishing, but they won’t have it their way. Like I wrote, PANATHINAIKOS does not keep its head down. Personally, I won’t be affected from the new attempt for my extermination. PANATHINAIKOS is an idea, is love, is something holy symbol and we are going to get the championship, whether they like it or not. The championship will be ours, no matter what they are trying to do to deter it. I personally guarantee to PANATHINAIKOS’ fans that if we stick together, we are going to demolish the establishment, which is being controlled for years from Olympiacos. We give a date with our fans in a few days, at Panathinaiko Stadium, to celebrate the double”.

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  • Jonas

    Did he really threat the life of the ref’s at the half time? Is this official?!? Well Done Mr. Giannakopoulos. Nice example for the youngsters/athletes in Greece.

    • ted

      the refs need to learn to stop calling bad calls all the time…
      and the olympiakos players need to stop crying after every call…
      players like spanoulis and perperoglou whom have played for Pao…never acted like that…

    • Giorgos

      Yes. he did. The league oversight judge confirmed it. yet, he got away with it, and once again no criminal charges were brought, despite criminal actions being done.

  • Marko

    This guy seems to really believe that threatening refs with their lives is perfectly acceptable. Panathinaikos is not going to survive as a club for very long with this guy as the owner.

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