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Caja Laboral offers contract to “Sofo”

By Nikos Varlas/

The Israeli’s league final will probably be the last game of Sofoklis Schortsanitis as a Maccabi Tel Aviv’s player, since the club has already inform him that it will not use the renewal option in his contract for next season.

The best offer until now to him from a European elite club, according to sources, comes from Spain and Caja Laboral. There is a contract waiting for 27 years old “Sofo” in Vitoria, it’s quite attractive and it’s the first substantial offer for him in the European market.

It must be noted, thought, that his family situation and the existence of his new born son could play a role in his final decision and nobody can rule out the possibility of him wanting to return in Greece, or at least try to. He was a player of Olympiacos for five seasons, he had advanced negotiations with Panathinaikos in the summer of 2010 (when he was playing in the Las Vegas Summer League with the Clippers) and the Greens seem to be in the need for renewal of their Greek core.


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  • eneko

    Good joke!! uajajaja

  • Jon

    Sofo & Ivanovic = Ghoku vs Freezer

  • tomer maccabi

    good luck sofo whereever you go and thanks for wonderful tow years in maccabi.
    the fans will always remember you.

  • Red Dimitri 1997

    Watching Sofo collaborating with coach Ivanovic : PRICELESS!!!!

    • Νίκος Βαρλάς

      If they work together i give them let’s say… 2 months!

      • Red Dimitri 1997

        Nick I have the feeling that after Olympiacos won the Euroleague you have became ‘soft and optimistic’ …. 2 months Nick??? Come on…. give us a break….2 days Maybe….. unless you count the days from the day they sign the contract…. :)