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“Status of Printezis is uncertain”

By Rigas Dardalis/

For two years Toronto Raptors followed him closely (since they drafted him in 2007), but when he had the chance on the summer of 2009 to sign a contract with them, he chose (wisely) the offer of a three years deal by Unicaja Malaga. After three years the NBA choice is again in the forefront for Giorgos Printezis, who impressed the brass of Knicks with his excellent presence in the Euroleague Final Four. However, it’s not yet sure if they can offer him not just an alluring contract, but even the minimum.

“While it’s true we have Printezis’ rights, we are unsure at this time about his status”, Glen Grunwald New York’s GM said to Knicks’ boss could not say something more, as he is really focused on the upcoming draft and also on the cases of Jeremy Lin and Steve Novak. They are both free agents and everybody is waiting for the decision of the arbitrator after the hearing on the 13th of June. NBPA is asking for the two players to be eligible for “Bird rights”, even though that were not traded, but were claimed “off waivers”.

This case has a domino effect on Printezis, who dazzled three Knicks’ representatives in Istanbul. Knicks director of international scouting Kevin Wilson, West coast scout Mark Hughes and international scout Misho Ostarcevic.

Knicks have already approached Printezis, but still it’s difficult to present him an official offer. Not only because NBA “market” will “open” on the 1st of July, but mainly because they will need some time to resolve issues with Lin and Novak, in order to determine their available cap space. In case that they will not have cap flexibility to “get” him, then they will have to wait for the next opportunity to lure him. When they will have the money and he will be free to move overseas….


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