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FIBA and NBA rules even closer!

FIBA and NBA rules even closer!

By Niki Bakouli/ bakouli@eurohoops.net

Forget everything you know and get ready to be introduced in the new era of European basketball, which is going to start next season and progressively is going to remind you more and more (as the years go by) of the NBA.

The challenge is to make the game more attractive for the fans. And it’s no secret that all the interested parties (FIBA, Euroleague, World Association Basketball Coaches, Euroleague’s Referees etc) have already talked about what needs to be done. They have already work on how the game will be more spectacular and now it’s time for making decisions. From the 24th to 26th of January, FIBA’s Technical Committee will meet in Singapore, to decide on the proposals that they are going to present to FIBA’s Central Board. And after a voting procedure those proposals are going to be the reality of our lives, from next season. Yes, they are going to try to enact some of the new rules, from 2013-2014 season in all European competitions! Let’s see few of these changes, that they are going to vote on.

  1. A jump ball is going to decide possessions, each time there is a dispute on which team must have the possession (for example, if the refs rule different things, when the ball gets stuck between the rim and the backboard etc). Instead of giving alternating possessions, the jump ball will return.
  2. The courts will be wider and longer, if it’s possible and the clubs (at least, most of them) won’t even have to change the arenas to do that. Of course, the clubs which do not comply to the Euroleague’s arenas criteria will have a problem.
  3. The three point line is going to be moved to 7.25 m. (like the NBA). The wing span from the side line is going to expand from 0.90 to 1.02 meter. This is one tough rule to receive an approval, since the national leagues have their own rules – and these rules are not necessarily the same ones as Euroleague.
  4. After an offensive rebound the clock will go to 14” instead of 24” (something that will make the game far more interesting, specially when the games will be on their last minute)
  5. Each technical foul will give one free throw and the possession
  6. The “foul bonus” rule will be a entirely new thing. When the game reaches its last two minutes two team fouls will be enough in order to get the bonus (so forget the number “5″ and the teams keeping their fouls for the end).
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  1. dravoj Wednesday - 02 / 01 / 2013 Reply
    It should be fully equated with the NBA league rules .
  2. Michael Resch Sunday - 30 / 12 / 2012 Reply
    The best for the beautiful game of basketball would be to have a new rule for the free throws which is in my opinion quite boring and slowing down the game unnecessary. The rule should be: - 1 free throw for the foul bonus worth 1 point - 1 free throw for a foul during a 2 point shot worth 2 points (same after the 5 teamfouls) - 1 free throw for a foul during a 3 point shot worth 3 points


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