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“I wasn’t contacted by anyone”

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By Nikos Varlas/

Barcelona may have its sights on Kostas Papanikolaou, specially if the Catalans are searching for a future replacement of Pete Mickael, but the player and his agent doesn’t have the slightest idea about this and also his contract with Olympiacos can’t be broken.

Eurohoops talked to Papanikolaou and also to his agent Giorgos Sfairopoulos, both of them underlined the fact that they haven’t be contacted by anyone and even if Barcelona wants the player, will have to wait until the summer of 2014. “I heard about this from the media and nobody has contacted me”, said Sfairopoulos and Papanikolaou added: “I don’t have the slightest idea about this, I wasn’t contacted by anyone and it’s a little awkward to talk about something like this before the big game against Anadolu Efes. However, according to my contract with Olympiacos, there is no chance that I can play in the near future for an other European team”.

Papanikolaou’s contract includes an buy out for the NBA this summer, can’t be broken for any other reason and it ends in the summer of 2014. The Blazers who have his rights are following him closely and they are also thinking the possibility of signing him after next season in order to avoid paying the buy out.


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  • Jack

    No way is this guy going to take a buyout and leave Olympiacos for an NBA like the Blazers that has an atrocious record of how it treats Euroleague players.

    That’s why the Blazers would be “thinking” about signing him after next season, when he’s a free agent. Because the truth is a Euroleague player would be nuts to leave a situation like Papanikolaou has for now at Olympiacos to go sign with an NBA team that is known for destroying the careers of Euroleague players.

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