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CSKA offers 4,2 m. euros to Pap

By Lefteris Moutis/

Everyone was thinking that Barcelona was the driving force behind the possible departure of Kostas Papanikolaou from Olympiacos, but as it turns out the highest bidder for the player is CSKA Moscow. According to Eurohoops sources, while Barcelona was offering Olympiacos more than 1 million euros in order to buy out Papanikolaou’s contract, CSKA Moscow made an unofficial offer directly to the player.

CSKA seems to be willing to pay 4,2 million euros for the next three seasons to the Greek forward and that’s why the agent of the player wanted to start negotiations with Olympiacos at 4,7 million euros for the next three seasons. The Reds were informed for the asking price of the player and until this point haven’t made a counter offer. So, all indications are that they are willing to sell the player.

The question is who will finally get the player, since CSKA Moscow hasn’t made yet a buy out offer to the Reds, while Barcelona has made a buy out offer to the Euroleague champions, but not a contract offer to the player who still has a deal with Olympiacos until next summer.


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  • BarcelonaEverPayPriceOffMarket

    The Farsa ever pay premium price for the buyout, and 1,5 millions buyout for Papanikolaou, a player that ending contract this year only will pay Creus, that this years pay 4 millions for Ricky, 1’7 millions for Marcelinho Huertas, 1 million for Oleson, 1/2 million + Fran Vazquez x Abrines, and off-market salaries for Lorbek (3 millions), Navarro (3 millions), Mickeal (2 millions), Marcelinho (1,5 million), Oleson (1,5 million), etc…

    • jr

      The mandriles always talk abaut Barcelona. Their team is so poor that they have to look at the best team of Spain. Moreover, they always lie about money.

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  • Petros

    This is hilarious. All of this is happening just because the Rockets want Papanikoloau, and he won’t ever play there, because Spanoulis told him all about the manager of the Rockets Morey.

    Papanikoloau “wants to play in NBA”, not sure why, as he will just take a huge pay cut and get less playing time, but anyway, he wants to play NBA, but won’t with the team that has his rights, which can’t take the first hint or clue, and won’t even trade guys that as for it.

    The players are not people to Morey, they are “assets”.

    So of course Pap and his agent are trying to get him sent to a team that will greatly overpay him and put a big buyout, then the Rockets will be forced to give up on him, or trade him.

    Then again, the Rockets are so delusional that they still think Llull will play for them. Every summer for the last 4 years the Rockets claim Llull might play for them. They obviously know nothing about European basketball at all in that Houston organization.

    Anyway Olympiacos would be extremely stupid not to sell his rights to CSKA or Barca. No way in hell is he worth these amounts of money, and if he wants to leave the team for nothing, then sell him. They can sign better players than him to replace him with the money they get.

    I mean come on, Papanikolaou is a great role player on Olympiacos, but he is STILL A ROLE PLAYER. He seems to have an extremely enormous and over inflated ego, and seems to think he’s much better than he actually is.

    Asking 4.7 million euros net income for 3 seasons? This is an absolutely laughable request for a ROLE PLAYER. Let CSKA overpay him at 4.2 million euros net and get the buyout, and cut his salary. Pap is not in any worth anything remotely close to these salary numbers.

    • Eddie

      No, you’re right, he is not worth this kind of money.
      He’s worth much more than this, to the NBA anyway.
      Exhibit A: Kyle Korver, 4yrs $24 mil from Atlanta Hawks.
      And he is some kind of role player – a role player that 5 or more NBA teams want and also is wanted by the poor village teams: Barca and CSKA.
      Exhibit B: the latest “Euroleague Rising Stars”: Andrea Bargnani ($12 mil in 13-14 salary), Rudy Fernández, Danilo Gallinari ($10 mil in 13-14 salary) , Novica Veličković (too many injuries), Ricky Rubio (at least $10 mil when he is out of his rookie deal) , Nikola Mirotić (a star in the making) and some player named Kostas Papanikolaou (role player – worth practically nothing)
      …… and finally – I ask myself: why are guys with different names constantly using the same rhetoric when discussing Papanikolaou’s tranfer, popping up in forums (always bringing up Spanoulis). People who want to have open, constructive discussions can easily get tired of it.
      Exhibit C: me

  • Andreas

    Finally Papanikolaou will stay in OLympiacos, the player wants a better financial contract but it is very difficault for him to get it due to the fact that he prefers next year to try in NBA (small by out). Csska is just playing unless his president is insane…the by out that they offer is almost 1.000.000 euros. At the end Pap will remain at OSFP, BECAUSE OSFP wants to sell him in BARCA but the player prefers CSSKA.

    • Orfan

      Cool story bro, but what you say about CSKA is totally wrong…
      Pap will either stay to Olympiacos with a new (better) contract or continue with Barcelona. But Olympiacos is the one to decide, nobody else..

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  • Giorgos

    Is it legal to approach a player under contract?

    • admin

      no tampering rule in Europe