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Aggelou ready to take over from Mahmuti!

Aggelou ready to take over from Mahmuti!

By Rigas Dardalis/ dardalis@eurohoops.net

Oktay Mahmuti was under pressure from the beginning of the season and now the loss from Real seems to be the “final hit” for him. Eurohoops has learned that Efes is gonna terminate his contract, but the big surprise is the coach who’s gonna replace him. Vangelis Aggelou is the leading candidate, as he is the closest to Dusan Ivkovic.

The situation is the following. Efes wanted Duda as a coach from the previous summer, but due to his commitment to the national team of Serbia he had denied the possibility of working for them. Of course the Serbian coach has great relations with the management of the Turkish team, but he also had made clear that there is no chance he would take over the bench, in the middle of the season.

So Efes turned to his “right hand man” in Olympiacos and trusted person since their days in Panionios, Vangelis Aggelou. Sources say that his contract till the end of the season, is gonna be up to 300.000 euros and the Greek coach, will ask from Aris management, to let him make this big step in his career.

The most possible scenario is that he is gonna sit in Aris bench for the last time on Sunday against Panionios and then he is gonna leave for Istanbul. If this happens, don’t reject the possibility of Duda following him in the summer…

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  1. efes fan Monday - 23 / 12 / 2013 Reply
    the problem with youngs is that they dont take enough time. No fan would critize mahmuti if he renovated team with youngs and let only youngs play. Mahmuti thinks team is younger when he make whole bench young. No. Balbay is 25, he was the only "young" who played in euroleague. Birkan Batuk is another story, simply not good enough for ANY team in Euroleague. Even if I play monopoly with my friends, I wouldn't let Batuk play.
  2. EM Sunday - 22 / 12 / 2013 Reply
    No offense. Mahmuti was a great pick when he first arrived. He had mostly-enough experience and a great understanding of Efes history. Also last year was not a big upset for the team imo. But this year is far beyond acceptable for him and the board. Every team can cut their budget. But if you are going to claim you will trust on young players this season and will stay at the top flight is something not Efes can do it. Partizan does it pretty well because their whole basketball culture and understanding is based on this tradition. Young players and fighting spirit. But Efes unfortunately failed. The youngest player played on group games was Scotty Hopson which was a summer signing. Im not mentioning the youngsters from efes youth squad whom where not physically enough for EL. On the other hand not having a solid alternative for Erden was a huge gamble. A gamble you know you will lose. About Aggelou and later Ivkovic. They could be great fit. A combination of Greek an Serb approach could really help efes to re-discover their winning identity again.
    • EC Sunday - 22 / 12 / 2013 Reply
      This is a very good analysis for Efes. EM, what do you think about to improve of the youngsters from Efes youth squad. Is this just about insufficient physics?
      • EM Monday - 23 / 12 / 2013 Reply
        Well, as we all accept the efes youth development program is one of the best in both Turkey and Europe. We should remember that a lot of noticeable Turkish players were and still is a product of efes youth team. In the light of the recent poor form of efes I can hardly connect what we see with the youth team. I still believe efes youngsters have and are being raised with highly amount of talent and a good youth culture. In contrast what we have seen in the groups this season was not only about the physical insufficiency. Physical traits are personal attributes and can always be improved. But generally what concerned me in Mahmuti's team was their roles. After the first 3 games efes started to narrow down their depth chart and choose to play with around 8 or 9 players. It was a choice of a professional and we cant do anything but respect it but It leaves me with high doubt whether if it was the right choice for a team that claimed to build up their whole season on upcoming stars and new youngsters. For instance meanwhile FBU have a bigger goal for this season but Zoc didnt fail to win youngsters like Sipahi, Mahmutoglu and Birsen. Yes, maybe they avarege 10 min. but In the long term this is one of the most essential points on a young players developement. Ultimately you cant approach every downfall from a single point. Meanwhile being undersized is a problem for efes youngsters, their main concerns should be about the role and their mission in the team.
  3. efes fan Sunday - 22 / 12 / 2013 Reply
    please DEAR GOD LET IT BE TRUE! we are sick of losing the games in the last quarter. if Mahmuti wont quit, Efes will be humiliated in the top16 for sure...

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