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Fotis waiting, Pedoulakis emerging

By Nikos Varlas/

The decision of Panathinaikos to terminate the contract of Argiris Pedoulakis has an interesting side effect. Despite the possibility of signing Panagiotis Giannakis, the Greek national federation has offered the job of coaching the national team to Fotis Katsikaris. If he denies it, then Pedoulakis will be the front runner to get it.

Katsikaris is considered one of the most talented coaches around Europe and until the end of this month he is expected to decide if he wants to be the coach of the Greek national team. If his reply is positive, then according to Liga Endesa’s rules he will not have the right to coach a Spanish club and he is practically excluded from the possibility to sit on the bench either of Olympiacos or Panathinaikos. His name is already mentioned as a possibility for the Greens, but at this point everything about the heir of Pedoulakis in Panathinaikos is up in the air.

However, if Katsikaris decides to say no to the federation, then Pedoulakis will be the strongest favorite to lead Greece in the upcoming World Cup. After all he was almost hired by the Greek federation, when he had not yet signed with Panathinaikos, before the decision to finally give the job to Andrea Trinkieri. Μany people in the federation believe that Pedoulakis deserves his chance with the national team. By the way the Italian coach still has a contract with the Greek federation but that’s an other story.


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  • ted

    Ari? i dont know hwta team you support but Panathinaikos never destroyed the Greek NT….
    Get your facts straight

  • Aris

    Panathinaikos has destroyed the Greek NT over the years. It continues now. Nothing new.

    • ted

      hasnt destroyed….