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The puzzle of truth for Nick Calathes

By Nikos Varlas/

A deadline until Friday was given to Nick Calathes by Panathinaikos in order “to sign” with the Greens, there’s optimism in Athens about signing their top summer target, however things are still complicated. Eurohoops shades some light to this puzzling negotiation, which is still hot and very much alive. Calathes seems to be the only player for whom many top Euroleague teams are willing to spend big money, considering him capable of changing the balance of powers in the old continent and here are the facts about his situation so far.

  1. The player has informed Memphis about his wish to return to Europe and leave the NBA after his rookie season in the States.
  2. He can’t do much more, as his contract includes a team renewal option which expires on the 15th of July.
  3. Until then, or earlier, Memphis can decide either to keep him, or release him. His future is not on his hands, however no one wants to keep an unhappy player on the bench.
  4. Calathes has four offers on the table from Europe. There’s Panathinaikos, but also CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce and Anadolu Efes.
  5. CSKA Moscow and Fenerbahce/ Ulker consider him the cornerstone on their future plans and they are willing to overbid any other offer in order to get him, including the 7.5 m. US dollars offered in total by Panathinaikos for a three years contract. Anadolu Efes on the other hand after already adding some important players on its roster, doesn’t seem that willing to overbid other offers. That explains their official denial of interest.

So it’s obvious that Calathes can’t control his destiny. However if he is finally released by Memphis, his old team, Panathinaikos, will have to give a great fight and make an exceptional financial transgression in order to sign him. And if the Greens manage to get him, it will be the biggest summer signing in Europe.


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  • ChrisS88

    Nick is a great playmaker he can make his teammates better by being on the floor. His shooting ability is poor but no one is perfect. He’s not overrated by any means. He has the ability to be a role player in the NBA and a protagonist in Europe. Whichever team he chooses I’m happy for him.

    • Jack

      He had superstar numbers in the NBA as a starter. Not “role player numbers”.

      • ChrisS88

        You’re being sarcastic I can’t tell. When he stepped up for his team he put up really good numbers in the NBA. Ofc he’s doesn’t possess NBA level athleticism and his shooting is poor but he’s a great playmaker.

        • Jack

          When he was a starter in the NBA he had superstar numbers. Not “role player” numbers. He was NBA rookie of the month during that time. So you can drop the NBA only fan act already.

          And numerous point guards in the NBA are less athletic than he is. So you don’t have any point there either.

          And before you come up with the troll of “name them and then we might talk like you did before”….

          Andre Miller
          Steve Nash
          Pablo Prigioni
          Derek Fisher (counts because he was playing in NBA last season)
          Raymond Felton (so overweight he can barely even run)
          Deron Williams (also so overweight that he can barely even run)
          Luke Ridnour
          Mike James
          Chauncey Billups
          Steve Blake
          Beno Udrih
          Nate Wolters
          Brian Roberts

          Jose Calderon
          Earl Watson

          All of them are less athletic than Calathes is.

          And Ricky Rubio, Mo Williams, Jameer Nelson, John Lucas III, and Chris Paul are not any more athletic than Calathes is either.

          That’s a lot of NBA rotation point guards that “don’t have NBA athleticism”…..

          So don’t even try that “does not have NBA athleticism” NBA only fan trolling schtick here.

          • ChrisS88

            I never said he isn’t a good player. What is wrong with you? You’re replying to yourself for points I didn’t make I said he stepped up for the Grizzlies and put up good numbers. You should seriously consider reading what I am writing. I was praising the guy I wasn’t bashing him like you did above with “All of this for a player that can’t shoot…for a point guard that can’t even make free throws…”
            This site should be strictly moderated for trolls. For you especially.

            • Jack

              You said he is not athletic enough for the NBA. That’s false and untrue. The last time I pointed out untrue claims you made about the NBA you demanded lists of players. So I gave it to you.

              you got got called out and proven wrong and showed to be touting what are called “NBA only fan talking points”.

              What I said, that he can’t shoot free throws for example…is an absolute fact. Don’t call me a troll and cry for the mods when I am talking facts, and you are talking complete nonsense and making things up.

  • N_Gav

    Βαρλα ευχεσαι να μην ερθει στον Παναθηναικο.

  • NardiV

    It will be great for PAO if they could sign Calathes. I agree with the fact that he is a bad 3pt shooter and struggles a lot with the free throws, but I also believe that hi is still pretty young(25 years) so he could get better in free throws. He is one of few point guards left that have that, how to explain in, old school pick & roll control and greatness like Diamantidis, Spanoulis, Teodosić, Šaras…
    But the greatest probem will be if Calathes doesn’t sign with PAO. What then? PAO lifted hand on many important players and made big sacrifice with Lasme, Maciulis and Gist just to be able to sign one player.

    • Jack

      Panathinaikos stopped being a serious club as soon as the nephew took over. None of this is serious club management. None of what they did the last 2 years was either.

      They will never win another Euroleague until they get a different owner. And I don’t care if the mods here try to block this post for saying that either, since it seems any such post that criticizes anything that touches anything in Greek basketball seems to not go through somehow.

      • NardiV

        Maybe you’re right. Some were saying that Obradovic left the club especially because of D. Giannakopoulos. Hope in a brighter future, he said he will leave the position of the director because he can’t parallel lead a club and their family business.



  • Jack

    All of this for a player that can’t shoot…for a point guard that can’t even make free throws…