Crvena Zvezda asks for the suspension of Mathias Lessort until the end of the season

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Cesare Milanti

14/Mar/23 13:30

The red-and-white Serbian team has officially requested for Mathias Lessort’s suspension

By Eurohoops Team/

In the latest ABA League clash between Partizan Belgrade and Crvena Zvezda, the black-and-white team beat the eternal rivals, and after the intense encounter, Mathias Lessort heavily pushed Filip Petrusev.

While Zeljko Obradovic has condemned his player’s action and apologized to the Serbian center, Crvena Zvezda has now officially requested the French big to be suspended until the end of the ABA League season.

Here’s an extract of the statement by the red-and-white Serbian team following the Belgrade derby accidents that involved Mathias Lessort and Filip Petrusev, and not only:

“KK Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet after the shameful match on Monday night, whose goal was obviously only for our team to be present, and the other team to win that match at any cost, requires an immediate reaction from the leaders of the ABA league – for several reasons.

The hypocritical statements of the coach of KK Partizan after the poorly directed performance are only confirmation that everything was directed and prepared in advance in the now standard way by people who gathered from different sides and different milieus with only one goal – to win without choosing means and methods in order to justify huge investments in the club they lead, but they cannot pay millions in club and personal taxes!

KK Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet demands the strictest punishment for the street behavior of Mathias Lessort, who attacked with his fists the basketball player of Crvena Zvezda and representative of our country, Filip Petrušev. We expect that the league will show that it has the strength to deal with the huge arrivals that have been going on for a year and a half since this interesting trio that actually leads the club was completed, because otherwise – this league will not end with performances like this!

KK Crvena Zvezda Meridinbet has been silent for a long time about the simple behavior of a few people who are part of the club that should be our “only” sports rival and calls for fair play (…). KK Crvena Zvezda is “only” looking for equal conditions to fight for its goals on the field. At the moment we don’t have them and that is clear to everyone. This is not Željko Obradović’s league, nor a kind of “metal cup” – but the league of ALL the clubs that made it. And it will stay that way – or it won’t exist”.