Eurohoops’ answer to ABP

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Aris Barkas

18/May/20 19:13

Eurohoops editors explain their position towards the press release of the Spanish Players Union on the report about the survey conducted for the possible end of the season.

By Aris Barkas – Nikos Varlas/

From the first day of its existence, Eurohoops respects every member of the basketball world and supports first and foremost the players, giving them a voice, contrary to the mentality which is still predominant in European sports.

That’s why we are surprised by the use of the word “outrage” in the press release of the ABP, the strongest and most influential players’ union in Europe, which denies our report about an anonymous survey among its members.

We have a proven track record of our reporting, and we have earned the respect of our readers and basketball stakeholders by presenting facts and truths that are usually verified by time itself, even if we are not infallible.

We will continue to report what we verify, especially on issues that have to do with public health, and we will always be supportive of the players and their unions.

One of our hopes and dreams is that players will realize that speaking in public about big issues, presenting their beliefs and their opinions on subjects that matter, will finally give them their proper role on the European basketball landscape.