Prepelic left out of Valencia’s team to face Girona for disciplinary reasons

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Nikola Miloradovic

11/Mar/23 21:32

The head coach of Valencia Alex Mumbru decided not to bring Klemen Prepelic to Girona

By Eurohoops team/

Valencia Basket traveled to Girona to meet the Catalan team on Sunday, but without four injured players and Klemen Prepelic.

As Las Provincias reported, the decision to remove the Slovenian from the expedition has been made by the head coach Alex Mumbru and is supported but the club’s board of directors.

According to the same source, the reason was disciplinary, which Valencia didn’t want to publicly explain, but has been reportedly dragging on in recent days.

Prepelic is physically fit to play the game which might be the first for recovered Martin Hermannsson after nine months.

At the moment, the only confirmed internal explanation is that removing Prepelic, momentarily, is a decision “seeking the best for the group” and that for now it cannot be assured if it is something reversible in the short term.

It is also mentioned that in recent days, there has been an episode of tension with Prepelic during training, and, in the coach’s opinion, the situation required this type of measure.