Tomas Satoransky says Jabari Parker “really wants to improve”

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Cesare Milanti

16/Sep/23 12:18

The Czech Republic’s guard talked about Barcelona’s newcomers before facing Real Madrid in the 2023 Supercopa Endesa

By Cesare Milanti /

MURCIA, Spain – In the semifinal of the Supercopa Endesa 2023 against Real Madrid, FC Barcelona will have on board the newcomer Jabari Parker, ready to play his first official minutes with the Catalan side after playing in the Catalan League a few days ago.

Talking to the media prior to the clash with the eternal rivals, Tomas Satoransky discussed his newest teammate’s status. “I know both him and Willy after having played with them respectively in the NBA and in Sevilla. I think they have caught the rhythm and they’re getting better day by day. Jabari’s situation is a little more complicated because it is his first year in Europe and this is always difficult, especially if you come in a league as competitive as the ACB. But I see him very well and he really wants to improve”, Barcelona’s point guard first commented.

Then, he went on to talk about the game against Real Madrid, which Walter Tavares described as “always the game of the year” for them. “It is another match against Madrid, which is always very successful and very difficult to play against. Even though it’s the beginning of the season, it’s something special for both sides, I guess. We have to have a little time to see where we are. Obviously, the style is different. Different philosophy. We can already see it in the matches of the Catalan League. We are in the process of knowing everything, so you have to be patient with the players who have arrived and all the changes we have made during the summer”, he also commented on Roger Grimau’s team.

One of his duties in today’s semifinal – scheduled at 18:30 CET – will be to guard the returning Facundo Campazzo. “He is a great player”, Tomas Satoransky first commented on the Argentinian playmaker. “The good thing about him in this situation is that he knows Madrid perfectly and it will not take anything to catch up or get used to the style. He is a great player who makes a difference in the matches”, the 31-year-old added.

Finally, he also went back to last year’s ACB Finals, where the Catalan side got the upper hand over Chus Mateo’s team. “It is clear that what happened at the end of the year gave us confidence, but in the new season, you start again and especially that the matches against them are very even. They decide a few things. You have to be very focused and try to play with that confidence that is very necessary against Real Madrid”, he stated in the end before heading to practice.


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