Ben McLemore released on bail: “Truth will come to light”

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Nikola Miloradovic

12/Apr/24 11:47

American guard Ben McLemore addressed his situation after facing allegations of first-degree rape

By Eurohoops team/

Ben McLemore recently returned to the States with permission from Rio Breogán and was subsequently arrested in Oregon, facing multiple sex crime charges.

ESPN reports that he was released on bail, and the US guard issued a statement addressing the allegations.

The charges I faced in court yesterday appear to allege that in 2021, I had sex with a woman who was too intoxicated to consent. I am not accused of using physical force to rape someone. Rather, I am accused of engaging in sexual activity with someone who now claims she did not consent. I did not rape this woman. I am not sexually abusive. I have never pursued a sexual relationship when I understood the woman was not interested in me and acting willingly,” McLemore wrote on social media.

He then explained the situation further.

The allegation dates back to October 2021, during my time playing in Portland. It will take some time for us to uncover the facts. At this time, the prosecution has not provided my attorneys with any reports or evidence. My attorneys and I cooperated fully with the investigation. I met every request they made of me immediately and professionally. I indicated that I was interested in testifying in the grand jury but was refused that opportunity. When my attorneys were informed of the charges, we immediately made plans for me to return to the United States for the first court appearance and informed all law enforcement authorities and the Court of my travel plan. I could not have done more to assist in the process.”

The former NBA player, who spent the first part of the current season with AEK Athens before joining Rio Breogán, is assured he will find his way out.

The truth will come to light. I am confident we will prevail, and my name will be cleared. Thank you all for your support. I appreciate all of you and am confident this will turn out as it should,” Ben McLemore stated.