Pablo Laso “Passports? Only Baskonia”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

04/Feb/16 13:53

The coach of Real Madrid focuses on the upcoming Euroleague game exclusively

By Eurohoops team/

While the case with the allegedly fake “Cotonou Passports” is still investigated with more and more leads appearing every day, Real Madrid sets its focus to the matter at hand: The games.

Coach Pablo Laso was, not unexpectedly, asked about the “Passport Scandal”. He simply said “Passports? The only thing I know is that on Friday I have a very important game”. And what did Real Madrid‘s coach say about the possibility that the club might lose the domestic titles of last season? “Thinking about what happened last year is not going to help me win Baskonia. Real Madrid will stay strong”.

Sergio Lllull shares the opinion of his coach: “On Friday we have a very important game and we are just focused on it and Baskonia. What is said outside this game does not interest us.”.