Greek Basketball Federation presidency member accused of attempted rape

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23/Mar/21 14:12

The Prosecutor is currently investigating the case

By Eurohoops team /

As the Greek Basketball Federation elections have been rescheduled for May 23, turmoil has surfaced after a Federation employee has filed a complaint reporting attempted rape and sexual harassment by a member of the presidency of the Federation’s Board of Directors.

The Greek Deputy Minister of Sports Lefteris Avgenakis received the complaint last week and has sent over the case to the Prosecutor, as it was released via a press release Tuesday, for further investigation of the case.

The employee alleges the high-ranked member of the Federation for attempted rape in 2014, continued sexual harassment, retaliatory behavior, and abuse of power towards her between 2014 and 2018.

In the meanwhile, the Greek Ministry of Sports has called its federations to conduct their elections by April 10, though the Greek Basketball Federation announced Monday that it plans to conduct its own on May 23, citing “vulnerability of online voting”, due to the COVID-19 restrictions that prevent physical ballot.

Under the new Greek sports law, longtime president George Vasilakopoulos is not eligible for re-election. However, he is not facilitating the change of the administration, while there’s a debate which is expected to be a court case under Greek law about how many clubs have the right to vote in the upcoming elections.

According to the ministry, the number is around 500, however, the federation recently sent a voting list that included more than 800 clubs.