Bayern GM Baiesi: Most of the decisions that were made this year were not correct

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Antigoni Zachari

27/Jun/20 09:48

Bayern GM Daniel Baiesi explains the team’s chemistry issues in the return of the BBL and the cost of incorrect decisions that were made throughout the year.

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Bayern was among the teams to compete in the BBL Final Tournament to conclude the 2019-20 season and was eliminated from the semi-finals by this year’s finalist Ludwigsburg. Daniele Baiesi, the club’s general manager, spoke about the defeat, while he analyzed the reasons behind Bayern’s early end in the season, focusing on chemistry and incorrect decisions.

“Everybody is pretty much in the same situation, but I think that the teams that have the most to lose in an event like that are the ones that pay the higher price. Or at least I think this is what happened to us. No secret, I think it was pretty clear on the court that we had chemistry issues. Guys got along great off the court”, Baisesi explained.

“I think we need to analyze thoroughly and honestly what has happened this year and why, in order to understand how the guys that will be returning next year will be put in a position that will be suitable for them to perform their best, because it is no secret that basically nobody did. Most probably, most of the decisions I made this year were not correct, but the ones that have been invested in the long term are still the correct ones”