United we stand against…

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Aris Barkas

24/Nov/14 01:19


The death of a young man had as a result an outburst of hate, racism and racism across the Balkans. But sports must stay out of this and that’s not just our wish but also a bet that must be won by basketball

Tης Εurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

Sports no matter how hard it is – because simply many prefer the opposite – can’t be connected with politics, the history of nations and can’t be a tool of manipulation for anyone who wants to cultivate hate, nationalism, racism, confrontation and chaos.

Eurohoops is and will always remain sensitive and unchanged in the principals against racism, hooliganism and lives being lost because of those morbid phenomena.

The death of 25 years old Marko Ivkovic is a tragic fact, a lost life and the authorities are obliged to get to the bottom of his case and punish the murderer, or the murderers.

Our obligation, first of all to ourselves is to report the fact and to express a clear opinion, when we have to deal with such grave matters.

This incident was as usual an occasion for all those who represent fanaticism to feed a vicious circle of blood, hate and chaos. The last two days we have seen across the Balkans people who see only the one side of the coin, trying to counterbalance everything in a effort to avoid any kind of blame themselves.

Our position is against racism, hate, propaganda and anyone who express them, no matter the cost. All the photos and the videos which have been send to our twitter account  are threats to  conscience, soul and ultimately life.

In a time of social and economical unrest, conditions that are favoring those kind of plagues, everyone who loves sports and specially basketball have to form a “human shield” around what we love. 

Sports and basketball must unite, move, create bond and friendships, must be a way to make our lives better and MUST bring us together.

That’s responsible though and courage, not  counterbalance and a one sided approach, when “our side” does something wrong.