Toko Shengelia: “My soul hurts more than my shoulder”

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Aris Barkas

28/Aug/22 12:29

Toko Shengelia posted a heartful message about him missing the upcoming Eurobasket in his home country

By Eurohoops team/

The injury of Toko Shengelia pushed him out of a historic Eurobasket for Georgia. The country is hosting one of the four first phase groups, it was a landmark event in its history, and 30 years old Shengelia is losing the opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s the worst-case scenario for any athlete, much more for the captain of the Georgian national team.

Shengelia, one of the most respected players in European basketball, said his own goodbye first and foremost to the Georgian fans in a message posted to his social media pages.

“Thank you all for your support and positive messages. I can’t tell you how it feels to have such support from all of you. From the day it was announced that the Eurobasket will be held in my house, there is probably not a single day that I have not thought about this event. Every move I made was directed to ensure that I am ready to be part of those games and meet your expectations. But in sports, along with many other good times, these moments happen quite often.

My soul hurts more than my shoulder because I can’t help the Georgian national team at such an important moment and I can’t stand on the court next to my teammates at the right time.

However, today I am calm because I know the character of our fans and our players and I am sure that tough moments will give them more motivation and strength.

Don’t worry about me, I’ve been down this situation many times and I came back stronger. Thank you, God, for giving me the ability to fight and helping me through the hardships.

Now please send all your positive energy and support towards our team, from personal experience every shout-out counts.

Only together, as a team, we can achieve big goals! 🇬🇪❤

Tornike Shengelia”