Georgia Federation awaits FIBA response to “provocations from Turkey’s side”

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Giannis Askounis

05/Sep/22 18:45

The reaction of the Georgian Basketball Federation surfaces the opposite side of the story

By Johnny Askounis/

Following up in the aftermath of the 2022 EuroBasket Group A Gameday 3 contest between Georgia and Turkey, the Georgian Basketball Federation condemned all acts of violence, while noting Furkan Korkmaz among the members of the Turkey senior national team threatening the Georgia team.

Without naming Ergin Ataman, the Turkey head coach, GBF expressed ‘its indignation due to provocative actions taken by the head coach of the Turkish national team’, per the press release.

“His actions were aimed at escalating the situation, he did not shy away from obscene gestures toward the referees and spectators,” the announcement reads, “His unethical behavior, previously repeatedly voiced in the press and press conferences, had an impact on the players of the national team. A clear example was Furkan Korkmaz’s display of physical aggression toward the players of Georgia, accompanied by threats and aggressive actions from his side.”

The Georgia Federation added Turkey supporters with ‘similar messages and death threats,’ aimed at the players.

Korkmaz previously shared his view detailing three players and two members of the security at Tbilisi arena attacking him. Ataman and Turkish Basketball Federation vice-president Omer Onan also weighed in on the situation demanding sanctions on Georgia.

The Georgia Federation countered by asking for ‘an appropriate response from FIBA on the mentioned issue in order to provide a harsh answer to the deliberately provocative behavior of the Turkey head coach,’ blasting Ataman.

Moving on to Onan, GBF stressed on ‘making every effort to shed light on Omen Onan’s wrong and offensive statement very soon’ reserving hope his take will not affect the ‘friendly’ relationship between the federations.

In conclusion, the press release clarifies the Federation is ‘completely separated from all forms of violence,’ adding that potential issues should be settled during the games.

FIBA is expected to make a ruling on the situation within the next few hours.