Luka Doncic on tough EuroBasket schedule: More injuries can happen

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Antonis Stroggylakis

05/Sep/22 22:43

Luka Doncic also wants to see the FIBA schedule changed to reduce injury risks.

By Antonis Stroggylakis/

Cologne – A couple of hours after French national team captain Evan Fournier asked FIBA to modify the feverish Group stage schedule to allow more rest for the players in between games, Slovenia star Luka Doncic echoed this request.

“We’re going to play four games in five days,” Doncic said after Slovenia’s practice Monday (5/9) when Eurohoops asked him about Fournier’s comments. “Yesterday, basically we had two games in 24 hours. Yes this should change for everybody. Everybody is doing the same. Everybody has less rest. It’s a problem because of injuries you know. More injuries can happen. Especially the clubs wouldn’t be very glad.”

“I agree [with Fournier],” Luka added. “More rest is always better.”

Doncic and Slovenia are currently 2 – 1 in the brutal Group B after falling victims of a major upset in the hands of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Dallas Mavericks player finished the game with 18 points, eight rebounds and eight assists but was completely off from long-range, shooting 0-8 triples.

Despite the loss, Slovenia has already advanced to the knockout phases in Berlin. This result can also push Bosnia the next stage and leave out a powerhouse such as Lithuania.

“This Group is insane you know,” Doncic told reporters. “All six teams are very competitive. You could lose to any team. All the games are really great to watch. Great for fans. But it’s a really tough Group because anybody can beat you.”

Doncic was also asked about the protests on officiating that have been pretty common in this EuroBasket, especially in Group B.

“I think you can see,” Doncic said. “Yesterday what happened in Turkey, the technical with Lithuania. There’s a lot. But that’s something that FIBA should do so I don’t have nothing to say.”

Photo: FIBA Basketball