Shane Larkin misses the rest of the Eurobasket

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Aris Barkas

09/Sep/22 13:13

Shane Larkin got examined in Istanbul and turned out that he needs a surgery

By Eurohoops team/

With less than 24 left for the knockout game between Turkey and France in the Eurobasket Round of 16, it was announced that Shane Larkin is out for the rest of the tournament.

Plus coach Ergin Ataman will not be able to count on him at the start of the EuroLeague season on his other position as the head coach of back-to-back champions Anadolu Efes.

After the medical examination in Istanbul, it turned out that the naturalized guard of the Turkish national team has suffered a ligament injury in his middle and ring finger and will need to have surgery.

As Ergin Ataman said while the rest of the team is in Berlin: “According to the information received this morning. Shane Larkin needs to have surgery on his hand. He has a serious tear between the third and fourth fingers of his hand. He will not be able to play against France in EuroBasket. He told me that he could not even hold the ball. The hit he received in the Montenegro match triggered this. The operation became inevitable when a significant tear was found in the MRI. He also said that he wanted to play a lot, but that he had a lot of pain and could not hold the ball.”

Of course, this means that Larkin is not available for the rest of the tournament and he is expected to return to action in two months.