Gianmarco Pozzeco: “Melli on this Eurobasket is on the same level with Giannis, Doncic and Jokic”

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Aris Barkas

14/Sep/22 11:06

After beating Serbia, Italy feels ready for one more big win, this time over France

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Italy is riding the lightning, coach Gianmarco Pozzeco doesn’t afraid to give his credit card to the players to celebrate beating Serbia, and with the quarterfinal against France (14/9, 17.15 CET) coming up, they want more.

And Poz, per Gazzetta dello sport, is keeping the spirit on an all-time high: “After the success over Serbia, the level of emotions remains very high. Between Serbia and France, there are many similarities, they are two great teams. The difference is that Serbia focused a lot on their big that comes out on the perimeter to open the court, while France has more options and is bigger and more athletic. We have passed Jokic, and now Gobert awaits us. This team has a heart. We are ready and we are not afraid. Defending, running, and making the shot: this is our way to move forward without thinking about the teams we will find later because otherwise, we would fall into depression”.

After all, France has Gobert, but Italy has Nicolo Melli, the captain of the national team, and Milan, plus a former NBA player. Coach Poz is his biggest promoter: “I confirm that for me, Nicolo is the strongest player in the world. I said it after Serbia and I repeat it. His basketball IQ is sensational, not only for what he does in defense but also for his always correct reading of the offensive game. In this European championship, he is on the same level as Giannis, Doncic, and Jokic”.