Aleksander Sekulic: “Without Zoran Dragic our rotation is mixed up”

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Aris Barkas

14/Sep/22 14:44

With Greece and Serbia already out of the Eurobasket Slovenian coach Aleksander Sekulic doesn’t underestimate Poland

By Eurohoops team/

Serbia is out, Greece is out and Slovenia remains the only team with an NBA superstar still standing in Eurobasket 2022. That’s why coach Aleksander Sekulic wants his players to be extra careful against Poland.

Luka Doncic and his teammates are getting ready for the quarterfinal matchup (14/9, 20.30 CET) with Sekulic warning them: “As I have emphasized several times, there are no bad teams in the championship. You can’t take a single match for granted, that victory will come by itself. The Polish national team is a very good team with three individuals who stand out a bit. Those are Slaughter and Ponitka in the backcourt and Balcerowski under the basket”.

Meanwhile, Slovenia has to cope with the fact that they have to finish the tournament with 11 players after the injury of Zoran Dragic.

Sekulic admits that this absence may cost his team: “With the absence of Zoran Dragic, who is an extremely important member of the team, our rotation is somewhat mixed up. We will have to think a little differently and find appropriate solutions and a recipe for the showdown against the Poles. It will be very important how we start the match and how we tackle their best players.”

Photo: FIBA.Basketball